New Year together with White Guide,

On the picture above Hanna Sundkvist (Hotel Manager) and one of the owners Göran Andersson he is one of the brains behind this concept that we call Lean Luxe Living. We have been working side by side since 2012 when we opened our gates to Moment Hotels in Malmö.

We are so happy that Moment Hotels made it in to the White Guide 2019.

This is what they wrote about us,

Consciously casual

´Rooms available` reads the small, hand-written slate sign outside the door.

It feels like a message from a bygone era, long before travel hade to be planned via .se and .com and what not. But while the tone and form of the address feel a bit old school, the hotel as such is anything but. The building, located opposite the central station and with the airport bus stop 1 minute away, houses a modern, relaxed, and very aware hotel. No wasteful complimentary body lotions or hair conditioners here, and no mini-bar in the rooms. They are also rather small. The smallest single is only 8 square meters, and some lack windows- which is of course reflected in the price. The breakfast buffet is a lot smaller than what´s customary- but all the more wisely and sustainably composed. Attractive materials, corridor walls of softly grey concrete and narrow-block parquet floors. Staff in jeans and t-shirts seems almost like friends. They´re happy to give you advice about this and that, and will also lend you bicycles for free for you to explore Malmö. If you prefer four wheels you can rent a parking space in the building at good rates.


We hope that you will enjoy our hotel as much as we do!

Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Moment Hotels that made this possible.


Best regards,

Hanna Sundkvist

Hotel Manager