As central as the Central Station


Moment Hotels in Malmo on Norra Vallgatan 54, 200 meters from the main train station where both long-distance trains, local trains and trains to Kastrup Airport and Copenhagen frequently departs.



Near the airport and airport bus

The airport bus to, and from Sturup stops just outside the hotel. Travel time by bus is about 40 minutes.


The room is guaranteed available from 15:00 the day of arrival. If possible, you can check-in earlier than that for an additional fee of 150 SEK. Luggage can always be stored with us if the room would not be ready upon early arrival.


You have access to the room until 11:00 on the day of departure. Late check-out (13:00) is available for
100 SEK.


For simple checkout, payment is already at check-in.  We only accept card payments and we accept VISA and MasterCard.


Breakfast is always included in the price!

During weekdays

06:30 - 09:30


07:00 - 10:00

Please note that most people prefer to eat late, so come early if you want plenty of space. :)



Moment Hotels have free wifi throughout the hotel. Password is received when you check in.



At Moment Hotels, we offer 12 parking spaces located under the reception in the garage.

Here, we prioritize environmentally friendly travel with convenient electric vehicle charging stations. We have 6 charging spots with free charging that can be reserved in advance via email ([email protected]) or phone (040 23 50 40).

Pre-book your charging spot before your stay to ensure your electric vehicle is ready for your next trip. Enjoy our high-quality service and comfortable facilities while your car charges.

The parkingspot costs 350 SEK per night.

Welcome to Moment Hotels, where we take care of both you and the environment during your stay with us!


Luggage room

Prior to check-in, we provide complimentary luggage storage where you can store your bags. 

Subject to availability, we offer a luggage room service after check-out for a fee of 30 SEK.


At Moment Hotels, we provide room service every third day, to actively reduce our environmental impact. We always strive to balance your comfort with our commitment to sustainability. Should you prefer a different schedule for room servicing, we kindly request that you inform us. If you wish to have fresh towels or a neatly made bed, kindly place our green cleaning sign on your door by 10:00 AM. We place significant importance on ensuring your comfort while actively working to reduce our environmental impact.



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