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Moment Hotels samarbetar med IKEA

Moment Hotels och IKEA= Officiellt samarbetspartners

Nu är det äntligen officiellt att Moment Hotels och IKEA skapar historia tillsammans. Vi är så stolta och glada att få presentera vår nya samarbetspartner som är ingen mindre än IKEA. Tillsammans med IKEA kommer vi att kunna förstärka vårt varumärke som är baserat på valuta för pengarna! Prisvärt, hållbart och yteffektivt speglar både Moment Hotels och IKEA. Hur många förundras inte över hur IKEA får till det på deras utställningsrum? Det är yteffektivitet. Vi vill att du som gäst ska kunna övernatta på ett toppenläge men inte spendera för mycket på ditt boende. Genom att skala av och våga välja bort delar av inredningen så som minibar, dyra fåtöljer och lull-lull som många ändå inte vill betala för blir detta möjligt. De flesta av våra rum är 10kvm med 140cm säng för att man ska kunna sova 1-2 personer. Vi satsar på bra sovkvalité och det är viktigt att rummen upplevs fräscha! Välkomna till oss på Moment Hotels, Malmö. Läs mer om vårt samarbete via Sydsvenskan eller Dagens Industri den 18/11. Hanna Sundkvist Hotelldirektör      

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View from Moment Hotels


Kollegor på äventyr

Our Stars to Colleagues!

Here are some of our stars and Colleagues at Moment Hotels, Malmö.   We are so proud to be able to have such a fantastic team here at Moment Hotels. I think that the guests agree with us when we check our ratings on the various booking sites online and we are so grateful for that! Without our fantastic staff, you would not have visited us here at this hotel. They are the ones who make sure that the rooms are cleaned and deliver good service for you under your stay. Is it not great to meet a smile and maybe a good morning in the breakfast or in the front desk? We believe it is =).   We want you to feel yourself as part of us here in the hotel during your stay and want you to come back year after year our month after month.   Thanks to both staff and guests for making Moment hotels top rated!   Hanna Sundkvist   Hotel manager

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Sommar i Malmö

Summer in Malmö

Photographer: Apelöga   Malmö has become alive again and the fields are about to bloom, which means that we enter the high season at the hotels in Malmö. From May to September we have a lot of visitors both returning and new guests. We want to show off Malmö as the lovely city as it is, because it is a fantastic city and especially during the summer time. Feel the sea breeze where you are in the city and if you feel like a dip in the blue with a view of Copenhagen, this city offers a long beach just 25 minutes’ walk from Moment Hotels or the city center.   Other lovely summer idylls in the city that we can recommend you to visit:   Folkets Park (pictured above) here they arrange various entertainment during the summer. Small square (Lilla torg) with lovely outdoor seating at bars and restaurants that you can enjoy all night long. The canal boats, super cozy to discover the city through. Ribban Beach,  at Ribban you will find the beach with some activities like mini golf. Vanna Beach, bar on the beach in the western harbor. The Pildammsparken, nice wildlife with birds and they have an outdoor gym to enjoy for free. Italian ice-cream in the western harbor while watching Turning Torso.   At Moment Hotels we like to take the environmentally friendly option the bicycle around the city. Did you know that Malmö has a lot of good cycle paths that you can step on without danger of the traffic?   Did you know that Malmö also is called little Barcelona? There is something in it because the beach and the center are so close together.   We at Moment are happy to give you tips on what to visit during your holiday or during your vacant hours from the conference!   The tomatoes are planted on the terrace and the bikes serviced so now we hope for hot summer days and nice summer nights.   Make a smart choice and stay cheaper and spend more on the fun things that the city has to offer! =) We look forward to see you in the summer time at Moment. Best regards, Hanna and the staff at Moment Hotels. l

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Ny matsal 2020

Moment Hotels växer!

Nu växer Moment Hotels med ca 89 rum som förväntas vara klara under 2020. Vi har nu äntligen påbörjat vårt arbete för att utöka till ca 163rum, och vi tycker att det är så spännande! Nu funderar ni säkert på hur ska det gå till? Vi har fått en unik chans att få bedriva hotellverksamhet i fastigheten på Adelgatan. Det är alltså samma fastighet som Moment Hotels ligger i idag så du som gäst kommer fortfarande att hitta reception och entrén på Norra Vallgatan. Fastigheten ägs av Balder sedan början av 2019. Vi är stolta över vårt prismedvetna koncept Lean Luxe Living och kommer att fortsätta med samma tänk även i den nya delen av hotellet. Vi märker att många gäster är ute efter att sova gott och spendera pengarna på staden istället för att lägga en större summa på boende och det vill vi kunna hjälpa till med genom vårt avskalade kvalitéts tänk! Den stora utmaningen blir nu att få till det med de två helt olika fastigheterna för nya delen av fastighet är från tidigt 1900-talet med högt till tak och mycket struktur alltså raka motsatsen till fastigheten vi har idag på Norra Vallgatan. Vi kommer att följa projektet här genom bloggen, så ni är välkomna att följa med på vår resa mot 163rum.   Hanna Sundkvist Hotelldirektör

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Urban Farming 2019

White Guide Hotel 2019.

White Guide 2019

New Year together with White Guide, On the picture above Hanna Sundkvist (Hotel Manager) and one of the owners Göran Andersson he is one of the brains behind this concept that we call Lean Luxe Living. We have been working side by side since 2012 when we opened our gates to Moment Hotels in Malmö. We are so happy that Moment Hotels made it in to the White Guide 2019. This is what they wrote about us, Consciously casual ´Rooms available` reads the small, hand-written slate sign outside the door. It feels like a message from a bygone era, long before travel hade to be planned via .se and .com and what not. But while the tone and form of the address feel a bit old school, the hotel as such is anything but. The building, located opposite the central station and with the airport bus stop 1 minute away, houses a modern, relaxed, and very aware hotel. No wasteful complimentary body lotions or hair conditioners here, and no mini-bar in the rooms. They are also rather small. The smallest single is only 8 square meters, and some lack windows- which is of course reflected in the price. The breakfast buffet is a lot smaller than what´s customary- but all the more wisely and sustainably composed. Attractive materials, corridor walls of softly grey concrete and narrow-block parquet floors. Staff in jeans and t-shirts seems almost like friends. They´re happy to give you advice about this and that, and will also lend you bicycles for free for you to explore Malmö. If you prefer four wheels you can rent a parking space in the building at good rates.   We hope that you will enjoy our hotel as much as we do! Thanks to all the wonderful staff at Moment Hotels that made this possible.   Best regards, Hanna Sundkvist Hotel Manager 

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Privacy Policy

GDPR - This is how it works Guess you heard about GDPR? This is probably not your first email. We know that it may seem clever and not easy to overlook what everything means. Moment Hotels have therefore chosen to summarize what the law means so that you as a guest can easily understand how we take care of your personal information. Perhaps not the most fun you read? ... but important and interesting for those who want to know more. If you already want to give us your consent or sadly delete the consent (your personal information) then you contact [email protected] Please note that the following are developed by professionals, and we have submitted how we work based on GDPR. General about GDPR From 25 May 2018 the new Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR) applies. GDPR replaces the existing Personal Information Act (PUL) and applies to all EU countries. Description of GDPR GDPR has been developed to protect you as a customer and your rights regarding the handling and dissemination of your personal information. The idea is that, as our guest, you will feel confident that your registered information is not used in an improper manner. Current Swedish PUL is actually the basis for GDPR and most of PUL is found in GDPR. What is a personal task? A personal data is such data that in some way identifies you as a person. That is, name, address, telephone, mail etc. Non-personal information about bookings, sales and activities is not included as this is classified as business secrets and in many cases subject to accounting and accounting requirements. Who is Personnel Responsible? Working Partner Sweden AB has overall personal liability that, together with personal data administrators at Moment Hotels (hotel director), is responsible for and determines the purposes of handling, retrieving, and using the personal data you provide to us. How do we store your personal information? Our booking system and digital applications handles relatively large amounts of personal data. If you do not choose to agree with us or not re-booked with us within 12 months, your personal information will be deleted from our systems. It is important to distinguish between common and sensitive personal data. Sensitive tasks are e.g. ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, union membership and personal data relating to health or sexual preferences. Moment Hotels will never collect and collect data about sensitive data. However, if someone leaves allergy information on booking, it is written in the notification area to provide allergy-free alternatives to you as a guest. After your stay, these comments will be removed within a week. That is how it works:  Moment Hotels encourages all proprietors and users of our reservation system in the service to not enter sensitive entries in our systems. You as a guest are always entitled to receive a copy of all information stored about you, including those stored in free text fields in the customer register. Specific for the digital application called Moment Hotels AppThe main function in the App is to be able to book a room and open hotel room doors with a mobile phone. In order to be able to do this, bluetooth needs to be activated on the mobile device. Therefore, location data is collected, for this service to work. However, this data will not be stored.     Personal data collected and stored specific for the app is name, email address and mobile number. The personal data will be deleted upon a request from the user. The request is made to  [email protected]   News, upgrades and deals before everyone else via email and SMS. If you wish to continue your visit, please be our friend and receive offers and news via email or text message, just enter your consent. That is how it works: Moment Hotels does not need to obtain consent from you as a guest if you book a lodging or restaurant visit when a customer agreement is concluded when a booking is made. If you still want deals and offers before everyone else, then you must have given your consent. What happens at a Personal Data Incident? If Moment Hotels receives a data violation or if an accidental loss of personal data occurs, the person responsible will document the incident and report it to the Data Inspectorate and affected customers within 72 hours. That is how it works: In case of any data breach in any part of Moment Hotels, we will record the notification for all our customers within 72 hours. What is a Registry Extract? If you have booked a stay or have agreed that we may save your personal information, you will be able to view the information stored on you in our booking system. That is how it works: You have entered into a customer agreement with Moment Hotels, who is entitled to receive information about what personal data is stored about you. This refers to such information that can be used to identify you as a person. Non-personal information about bookings, sales and activities is not included as this is classified as business secrets. Can you erase me from your system? You who have entered into a customer agreement with Moment Hotels have the right to have all your personal information stored on you deleted. You can easily do this through contact the hotel according to this policy. That is how it works: You who have entered into a customer agreement with Moment Hotels are entitled to receive all information that may be used to identify you personally removed from May 25, 2018. This refers to such information that can be used to identify you as a person. Non-personal Information about bookings, sales and activities is not included as this is classified as business secrets and in many cases subject to accounting and accounting requirements. How does GDPR work in practice? Moment Hotels has already introduced or will introduce the necessary features to allow administrators in our reservation system by May 25, 2018 should be able to handle all GDPR requests and requests from you (or instruct the user how to use the features themselves). • Register Extracts Anyone who has entered into a customer agreement with Moment Hotels may at any time request the information stored. Personal data in the field, free text, and which can identify you as a guest are disclosed. The request is made to [email protected]   • Information Maintenance To change your personal information stored on you, contact Reception Moment Hotels [email protected] for assistance.   • Offers and Email You who chose to become our friend through consent will get our offer first by all by email or SMS. Moment Hotels is also entitled to, within a (1) year after you visit any of our hotels, restaurants, spa or anything else, market us to you reasonably without consent, with the legal basis of interest weighting.    Now it's all glossy or ... Should you have any more questions about GDPR please contact our responsible Burim C. Sumiq (hotel director) at [email protected]    Have a fantastic Moment Hotels

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