Photographer: Apelöga


Malmö has become alive again and the fields are about to bloom, which means that we enter the high season at the hotels in Malmö. From May to September we have a lot of visitors both returning and new guests. We want to show off Malmö as the lovely city as it is, because it is a fantastic city and especially during the summer time. Feel the sea breeze where you are in the city and if you feel like a dip in the blue with a view of Copenhagen, this city offers a long beach just 25 minutes’ walk from Moment Hotels or the city center.


Other lovely summer idylls in the city that we can recommend you to visit:


  • Folkets Park (pictured above) here they arrange various entertainment during the summer.
  • Small square (Lilla torg) with lovely outdoor seating at bars and restaurants that you can enjoy all night long.
  • The canal boats, super cozy to discover the city through.
  • Ribban Beach,  at Ribban you will find the beach with some activities like mini golf.
  • Vanna Beach, bar on the beach in the western harbor.
  • The Pildammsparken, nice wildlife with birds and they have an outdoor gym to enjoy for free.
  • Italian ice-cream in the western harbor while watching Turning Torso.


At Moment Hotels we like to take the environmentally friendly option the bicycle around the city. Did you know that Malmö has a lot of good cycle paths that you can step on without danger of the traffic?


Did you know that Malmö also is called little Barcelona? There is something in it because the beach and the center are so close together.


We at Moment are happy to give you tips on what to visit during your holiday or during your vacant hours from the conference!


The tomatoes are planted on the terrace and the bikes serviced so now we hope for hot summer days and nice summer nights.


Make a smart choice and stay cheaper and spend more on the fun things that the city has to offer! =)

We look forward to see you in the summer time at Moment.

Best regards,
Hanna and the staff at Moment Hotels.