Moment Hotels puts our guests safety first. For that reason we have taken some precautions to minimize the risk of spreading the infection.



o Reduced numbers of tables and chairs in both the lobby and the dining area to avoid crowding. By doing this we can keep a safe distance to each other.

o Installed plexiglass by the reception to minimize airborn particles.

o Put up information to remind everyone to show consideration and keep distance to each other.

o Instruction of how to wash our hands correctly are avalible in all the public toilets.

o Hand sanitizer are avalible in all the public areas.

o Surfaces at the reception are disinfected constantly.

o Mouth guards are avalible at the hotel.

o Increased our cleaning routine. We disinfect objects frequently such as door handle, elevator, table and tv-remot.

o At the breakfast bufé there are markings on the floor showing where to stand in order to keep a safe distance.

o You have the option to bring you breakfast to your room.

o Reduced the amount of each item at breakfast. Instead we refill when needed.

o When checking in guests are asked about a time for breakfast. By doing this the staff knows how many will be at the dining area at the same time.

o Loose object in the room has been taken away to minimize the risk of spreading the infection through object, such as booklets and pens. You can find these at the reception if needed.

o Continuous update with the staff about Covid-19.